To make tandem flight, you don't need experience, all necessary orientations are passed by our pilots / instructors, when you arrive at our meeting point.

We will fill in the registration and then we will board our jeep-tour towards the Pedra Bonita take-off area in São Conrado.

Throughout the adventure, we record everything in photo and video, you will have a file, from the moment of preparation, your enthusiasm and your expression in front of all the greatness of free flight.


The GoldenFlyRio offers two kinds, flight characteristics of each are similar, being the differences in the flight position, below images and summary of activities:


Flying in the laydown position, back to the pilot, optional two shooting angles and still photography, flight duration from 07 to 12 minutes *. This mode has a weight limit of 90 kgs, the takeoff requires moderate speed, requiring the passenger to have good mobility.

* Variation of time subject to weather conditions.


Flying in the sitting position, in front of the pilot, optional two-angle photo and moving footage, with angle and bottom variation, flight duration 12 to 15 minutes *. The take-off of the paraglider is performed very smoothly, as it does not require a lot of speed to take off, often allows take-off with people with little mobility.

* Variation of time subject to weather conditions.


We have a convenient shuttle service, which seeks you in Rio's south zone and takes you back after tour, a comfortable air-condition car and driver bilingual. This service is optional, consult us for price and availability.