What we do diference?

"Experience not only for the 20 years in this job, but by the way we fly, we vibrate and treat our clients and friends, in that time we realize that the flight positively marks the lives of people and ours as well, and that excites us more" 


We are a team certified by the Brazilian Confederation of Free Flight and the International Federation of Aerodesporto, instructors and pilots level IV. 


The equipment we use on our flights undergoes a semiannual inspection and our average exchange takes place in two years. 


André Tavares

Manager, 43 pilot since 1996. Coordinator of the team, approved instructor CBVL 14027, known as "Andrezinho", carried out more than 4 thousand instruction flights.

Flavio Dias

Instructor 46, pilot since 1995. Team marketing, CBVL 679A instructor, known as "Head", has conducted more than 10,000 instruction flights.